Invest in Gold Online

TezzPay Safegold is a product of Digital Gold India Private Limited and is a transparent, safe, and reliable way of investing in gold. We allow customers to purchase 99.9% pure gold in small denominations. Customers can buy and sell gold as much as they want to anytime at live prices which are completely transparent to the bullion market.

Features of Safe Gold

Safe Gold investment has various features that make it worth the investment. With safegold you never have to worry about the theft of gold. You can buy and sell gold at any time at live prices. There is 100% guarantee of the purity of the gold you buy and can invest in gold as little as Rs 10.

How it Works

Purchase 24K pure gold at affordable prices to maintain your gold balance. You also have the convenience to sell it online anywhere, anytime. We also offer delivery of available gold in standard gold products when you need it.

What Makes TezzPay Safegold Better?

TezzPay SafeGold is better in the sense that you can buy gold 100% online with no paperwork in just a few clicks. No need to store it as it is available online and can be sold anytime at live market prices to increase your investment. Also, you can convert gold balance into physical form and get it delivered to your door safely and easily.  Gold is one of the most common precious metals for investment in India. It’s capacity to beat high liquidity and inflation are the strong selling points, not to mention its charm, prestige, and so on. It can be passed on from one generation to another by way of inheritance.
Traditionally, the gold investment includes buying physical gold in the form of coins, bullions, artifacts, or jewellery. However, there are newer forms of gold investment such as e-gold. It is like buying an equivalent sum of physical gold but without the hassles of having to store it. Therefore, there is no risk of theft as the gold is stored online. You can sell gold online as much as you want anytime at live prices.

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TezzPay Safegold Investment

TezzPay Safegold is a platform that allows customers to buy, sell, and receive vaulted gold from any TezzPay retailer near you. You can start from as little as Rs 10. Our Safegold is built on transparent technology that helps improve efficiency in buying gold.
TezzPay Safegold offers a transparent and organized way to purchase 24K gold that complies with all applicable laws and regulations. We offer our customers complete freedom to request the physical delivery of gold or bars at any time and as often as they wish.