Prepaid Cards

Tezz Pay prepaid cards offer a flexible payment solution to those who cannot or choose not to have a bank account or want to control and budget their spending. This is because our prepaid cards only allow them to spend money loaded onto the card and are not linked to their bank account. Tezz Pay prepaid cards are similar to the debit card provided by your bank with a difference that there is prepaid balance in it, just like your prepaid sim cards. Prepaid card can be bought at your nearest Tezz Pay retailer and is activated instantly by providing your basic details and submitting KYC. On the other hand, the retailer can earn commission on every card activation and loads. Our prepaid cards can be used to shop online, pay bills and are ideal for those who have a shared account and want to better manage their money.

The Benefits of Our Prepaid Cards

No Bank Account Needed

Our prepaid cards are reloadable, which means they have no credit or loan facility. You can only spend the amount you load and never get into debt.

Convenient Shopping

Our prepaid cards offer the convenience to shop in any store in India who accept MasterCard. You can shop at the mall, movies, pretrol pump and pay your utility bills easily.

Online Shopping

Tezz Pay prepaid cards are also a convenient way to shop online. It offers an extra piece of mind if you are on a budget and want to control your online spending.

Fully Secured

With Tezz Pay prepaid cards you don't have to worry about security. This is because our cards come with all bank level security features and when you shop online you get an OTP as well.

Zero Balance Card

Our prepaid cards are zero balance cards, so you never have to worry about the penalty that is often associated with bank account debit cards.

Transfer Money

Tezz Pay prepaid card also offers you the convenience to transfer money from your card to any other card easily and securely. Become a Tezz Pay Retailer Today and Earn Handsome Income