Become a PAN Card Agent

With TezzPay you can become a PAN Card Agent and offer PAN services at your shop helping customers apply for a new PAN Card or get it updated. You also earn a commission on every PAN card application.

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What is a PAN Card

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is the ten-digit alphanumeric issued by the Income Tax Department in India in the form of a laminated card. It counts as one of the most important documents allotted to each taxpayer as well as serves as an identity proof.
The biggest concern for people in remote areas or small business owner is how to fill up the PAN Card application and where to submit it. They often make mistakes in the form and thus their application gets rejected. With TezzPAy this will not happen again. Customers can visit their nearby TezzPay retailer and get the application form filled in correctly and submit it online without any hassle.
TezzPay accepts PAN requests on behalf of UTIITLS. You need to provide your aadhaar card as address and date of birth proof, and a passport size photo. The form will be filled by the retailer and printed. The photo is affixed, and you need to sign. The form is then scanned, the scanned aadhaar card is attached with it and submitted online. The application takes about 15 days to process and the card is delivered to the address mentioned in the form.

Get PAN Franchise

TezzPay is a leading PAN Card Agency provider and with us, you can start your authorized PAN Card Centre and help your customers, be it an individual, trust, company, AOP, or BOI apply for PAN Card easily. Our network is strong and secure offering seamless service, making the process hassle-free for the customers. Agents earn an impressive commission on every PAN card application.