Government Solutions Card

Indian Government runs various programs for the better of its citizens and for this disburses a huge amount of money all year around. A reliable, timely, and efficient mechanism to pass this money is essential for the government. TezzPay government solutions empower government agencies transforming the way they handle payments. We bring modern, digital convenience payment solutions that deliver meaningful results to everything from child benefits, transport management, electronic toll collection to pension and payroll, and tax refunds. Our prepaid cards offer quick, secure, and accurate payment processing helping the government receive and disburse funds.
We have partnered with Visa, MasterCard, and RuPay along with various banks helping deliver solutions that empower convergence to the non-banked population of the country.

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Recipient Benefits

Recipients get immediate access to funds without the risk of carrying cash. This eliminates the risk of theft and expensive check-cashing fees. The recipient also gets access to ATM and POS with our government solutions card and there is no need to have a bank account as well to receive the funds.

Government Benefits

With our government solutions card, the government can reduce administration costs, streamline business processes, increase program integrity, enhance audit controls, reduce frauds associated with forged, replicated, and stolen cheques, and modernize service delivery.