Send money instantly

Secure, easy and instant money transfer to any bank in India

Safe and Secure

Only the recipient's account number, phone number ad OTP needed to send money.

Available 24/7

Transfer money to your loved ones anytime, even on bank holidays.

Instant confirmation

As soon as the money is transferred you get a confirmation via SMS.


No need to visit the bank, fill forms, or have an account in the same bank to transfer money.

Various Bank Branches

Send money easily to any bank account across India.

There are various online payment options available these days allowing you to send and receive money, however for a non-tech savvy person sending money becomes difficult. They visit the bank branch, fill out forms and wait for long hours for their turn to send money to their family and loved ones, thus wasting time. Tezz Pay offers a convenient and hassle-free way to send money through our online money transfer services that are easily accessible as per your convenience from your nearest Tezz Pay retailer.
Tezz Pay has tie-up with various banks across India and leverages its platform empowering its agents to provide domestic money transfer service through customer’s bank account instantly 24/7. Our money transfer service is highly secure, easy, and quick allowing you to send money to any bank across India.
Our payment platform offers you an efficient gateway for domestic money transfer across India through IMPS technology without having to wait for weeks to receive your funds.

Online Money Transfer Service

With Tezz Pay domestic money transfer service, retailers can help customers quickly and securely transfer their money to any bank account within the country, anytime, even on Sundays and bank holidays. Also, the sender does not need a bank account to transfer the money, just need to pay a minimal transaction fee to the retailers.

Become a Tezz Pay Agent

Partner with Tezz Pay and open up opportunities to earn extra money while helping your customers transfer money online easily and securely. You just need one shop of any size and have an instant money transfer agent portal. Also, it is very easy to use, collect the money from the sender in cash, insert the receiver’s account information, enter the amount, and press send. It’s that easy. Whenever you transfer funds through our highly secured money transfer software you will earn an attractive commission for each successful transaction.

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Benefits for the Retailer

Attract more customers to your shop by providing easy and convenient value-added services.
Earn more money by getting a commission on every money transfer.
Efficient use of the cash-in drawer.
Provide basic banking services to customers and engage more with them.