What are TezzPay Prepaid Cards?

TezzPay provides corporate solutions in the form of prepaid cards for corporate companies to reduce organization dependency on cash. Our prepaid cards are a smarter alternative to cash advances and other corporate debit or credit cards. These cards help manage effective payments related to valuable incentives, instant rewards, loyalty, and recognition without creating a bank account.
TezzPay corporate solution cards offer various advantages as well for the corporate sector. It increases operational efficiency, reduce administrative costs, eliminate check management, reduction of overheads, easier reimbursement by the employer, access to discount vouchers, and provides a user-friendly experience. TezzPay corporate prepaid cards are network branded and issued in alliance with Visa, RuPay, and MasterCard and can be used to shop online and over 1 million retail outlets across the nation. Currently, we offer Pay Direct Card, Prepaid Card, Meal Card, Gift Card, Rewards Card, and Smart Pay Card.

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Key Features of TezzPay Corporate Prepaid Cards

TezzPay Prepaid Cards are simple to use just like any other debit/credit card. Once the money has been spent, the card can either be reloaded or disposed of depending upon the type of prepaid instrument issued. There is no need to open any saving or current account with the bank as our cards are prepaid.
Our cards are safe and secure to use. To safeguard against frauds or unauthorized usage of the card if it is lost/stolen, all transactions either done in-stores or online are protected with additional PIN or password known only to the cardholder. TezzPay prepaid cards can also be used as a promotional tool for customer acquisition, compensation tool for employee or dealer incentive payment, disbursement tool for claims settlement, or gifting tool for corporate gifting purpose.