Financial Independence

Provide students with financial independence but with spending control for greater peace of mind.

Load Card Easily

Our cards can be easily reloaded at your nearest TezzPay retailer through a variety of payment options. Load as much amount you want.

Convenience of Purchasing

TezzPay prepaid card offering the convenience to students to make purchases both on- campus and off-campus easily and online as well.

No Bank Account Needed

TezzPay offers reloadable cards meaning they have no credit or loan facility. Students can only spend the amount loaded and never get in debt.

Budget Expenses

Students can learn about budgeting with our cards as you only get to spend the amount loaded on these cards.

Easy Cash Withdrawals

TezzPay prepaid cards can be used to withdraw money from all ATMs across India for all your cash requirements.

TezzPay simplifies the lives of students with intelligent campus solutions and our prepaid cards are the ones. It gives students the convenience of one card for all their financial requirements.
The students can use this card to make purchases on and off-campus as well as online where cash is not an option conveniently and safely as it is enabled with a PIN. We have partnered with Visa, RuPay, and MasterCard to offer prepaid cards for campuses and can be customized as per the institute’s requirements.

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TezzPay Campus Card

The perfect solution for students’ financial needs

Easy to Use

TezzPay campus cards are easy to use both online and in-stores across India. You can shop at the mall, movies, petrol pump, or make purchases online just the way a debit/credit card is used.

Fully Secured

With Tezz Pay campus cards you do not have to worry about security. This is because our cards come with all bank-level security features and when you shop you get an OTP as well.

Zero Liability

Our campus cards are zero balance cards, so students never have to worry about the penalty that is often associated with bank account debit cards.