Quick Utility Bill Payments

Quickly and effortlessly pay your utility bills of about 216 billers in India through any TezzPay retail outlet. Our bill payment service is powered by Bharat Bill Pay System enabling the retailer to provide this service to the customers through the TezzPay portal.

What is BBPS?

For a long time, bill payment mode in India had been biller specific in terms of modes of payment and channels supported. Realizing the need for change, the National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI) developed an integrated bill payment system known as Bharat Bill Pay System. It offers accessible and cost-effective bill payment services to all through a network of agents or online. BBPS eases the payment of bills and improves the security and speed of bill pay as well as provides instant confirmation via an SMS or receipt. Currently, customers can pay bills for water, electricity, gas, DTH, internet, mobile bills, landline, credit cards, insurance, and telecommunications easily.
Online utility bill payment business offers added benefits to shop owners. This is a value- added service they can offer their customers and earn extra income as well as increase their customer base to generate more income. TezzPay utility bill payment franchise is easy to own, you just need to have a shop and a laptop or smartphone.Become a TezzPay retailer and earn high commission

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Easy Accessibility and Wider Network

TezzPay utility bill payment outlets will be available near you and at any time you can visit them to pay the bills. So, find one near your workplace or residence and connect with them for online bill payments.

100% Secure Transactions

All bill payments done by TezzPay retailers are through the BBPS platform that is 100% secure and reliable. Also, as soon as the payment is complete you get instant payment confirmation receipt in the form of SMS, Email, or paper receipts.


TezzPay’s bill payment service powered by BBPS offers you a one-stop-shop for payments of all billers through a single portal. In addition to this, it is a user-friendly platform that manages all user complaints and disputes through a centralized system.