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Retailing in India one of the pillars of its economy and accounts for about 10% of the GDP. The Indian retail market is one of the top-five retail markets in the world by economic value which is approximately US$ 600 billion. This retail market is predominated by Kirana stores constituting about 95% of the market. They are further classified into mom and pop stores, convenience stores, speciality stores and small supermarkets. These traditionally managed stores have the deepest penetration, however, their growth is suppressed by lack of technological support. This is making them vulnerable to changing tech-savvy consumer preferences who look to other companies offering digital payments to source their products.
This is where TezzPay comes in. We work towards the betterment of organised and unorganised retail sector in India. Through our technology platform, we aim to offer these retailers with safe, secure, and convenient digital payments solutions, as well as financial solutions. We aim to empower them to use technology to expand their business offerings. Through our technology platform, we enable any local store to function as a Digital Seva Kendra and a Mini Bank helping them become a one-stop solution for providing seamless financial & digital services to their customers as well as gain commission on that. We take pride in ourselves for attention to detail in every aspect of our products and put our customers first to ensure they get the best outcome for their offerings. We are driven by a passion to help our clients derive value from our products and domain knowledge.

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Innovation is ingrained in our DNA and we keep developing our product to offer great user experience.

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We offer best-in-class services and customer support to help our customers succeed in their business.


All our products are made as per the international standards and meet security requirements.

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We have a knowledgeable team with extensive experience in the payments industry with full control over the product life cycle.

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