Aadhar Enabled Payment System

Now securely and easily deposit or withdraw cash, transfer funds and get a mini statement from your Aadhaar linked bank accounts with TezzPay.

Developed by National Payment Corporation of India, Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) is a secure payment platform that enables you to avail basic banking services like cash withdrawal, cash deposit, domestic online money transfer services and balance inquiry. This service can be availed at Customer Access Points like your nearby kirana or mom and pop store with Point of Sale (POS) devices. Tezz Pay, being one such company provides AePS services across India through its appointed Tezz Pay retailers who use Tezz Pay Aadhaar Micro ATM PoS machines. It empowers all individuals to carry out basic financial transactions available through Aadhaar.

You just need to visit the nearest Tezz Pay retailer and tell them your 12 digit aadhaar number and linked bank name. Fingerprint authorisation wil be done using a biometric device so that you can send funds from one bank account to another easily and simply. The system works on a centralised server, so your money is safe and you can easily send money from your account to any account irrespective of the bank in which the receiver’s account is operated. Tezz Pay is Aadhaar Enabled Payment System service provider with a robust platform for Aadhaar Payment System. Get in touch with us to offer this value-added service to your customers and earn money as commission.

Benefits of AePS

It is a win-win situation for both, the local retailers and customers.

Benefits for Retailers

Offer value-added services to customers. Tezz Pay AePS is a profitable business opportunity. Big profit with a small investment. Earn instant commission for each successful transactions.

Benefits for Customers

Convenient and secure money transactions. No need to search for the ATM. Transfer funds to any bank across India. Add up to 5 bank accounts.

How to Use AePS

Visit Tezz Pay retailer in your area. Provide the 12 digit aadhaar number and bank name. Select transaction type such as deposit, withdraw or mini statement. Enter the amount and authenticate the transaction with a fingerprint. Receive instant notification.