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Safe Bus Ticketing With Contact Less Tickets And Travel Insurance

Tezzpay which is an Indian company providing bus ticket bookings, online recharges and bill payments, live bids taking and a lot more is offering its passengers the option of safe bus ticketing. It ensures that tickets are booked digitally so that the entire process of ticketing is contracted less. It also gives the option of travel insurance to passengers while booking their tickets at a very nominal charge.

We at Tezzpay provide a contactless and safe procedure to book your tickets online. All you need to do is just sign up or login using your login id or mobile app. Our two-step identity verification process ensures secure online transactions. Once you have selected the bus and seats of your choice, you can pay via your bank or scan the QR code to process your payment. There is no need to collect tickets or hand over cash to the bus staff and this makes your ticketing process safe and secure.

Why does Tezzpay promote contact with less bus ticketing?

We at Tezzpay strive to make travel safe, easy, and better for everyone. We understand the threat of COVID-19 and its impact on the travel industry. The danger of COVID-19 will last for another 12-18 months and it is important to stay safe during this time. During this time also people have to travel for numerous unavoidable personal and business needs.

 So we have worked in association with bus organizations and bus owners to provide safe travel solutions to our passengers. According to studies it has been found that 95% of the transmission during bus travel happens because of the cash transaction. We have removed this possibility by making our transactions a hundred percent digital. It is easy and safe to do money transactions on Tezzpay while you do your bus booking.

We associate a unique mobile number to every account so that we can do two-step verification while logging in to our users. We also keep track of all passengers and co-passengers on every bus trip. We have partnered with several bus operators, road transport corporations, city transport departments, etc. to provide safe travel experience to our customers.

Why choose Tezzpay for bus ticketing

  1. Contactless ticketing service online.
  2. Transactions are completely cashless and this prevents any transmission of viruses in cash transactions.
  3. You get the best price for your bus ticket.
  4. We have partnered with bus operators who provide quality service and are concerned for the safety of passengers.
  5. Our partner buses are sanitized after every trip.
  6. We ensure that our bus partners follow social distancing and keep a few seats vacant as per government guidelines.
  7. We ensure that our bus partners have staff who are healthy and checked before every trip.

So, if you want to get a safe bus trip then do book your bus ticket online only on Tezzpay. For us, your safety is our priority.

Tips for bus travel during COVID-19

  1. Always wear a mask and gloves during your trip.
  2. Keep a sanitizer handy.
  3. Avoid physical contact with co-passengers.
  4. Avoid buying water and foodstuff from outside vendors.
  5. Make sure that safety guidelines and social distancing are followed by the bus staff.

We wish you a safe and healthy journey. Do travel with us. Stay safe and stay happy.

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