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How to get the best discounts on your bill payments?

Paying bills has become so easy with the advent of technology. There are so many apps making helping one in paying various kinds of bills in the house. Most bill payments come with their own sets of deals and coupon codes entering which you are ready to get discounts on your bill payments. For getting discounts on your bills, you have to pay before or within the due date. With many online bill payment sites like Paytm, grabon, Mobiwik, etc. paying online bills has become easier than ever.
These sites have their promo and coupon along with discount codes specifically designed for each segment of payments. After entering the amount, select the discount or coupon codes suitable in your case, and in this way, you can move ahead with saving more money on every bill of yours. With expenses increasing in the present times, saving money turns out to be a savior. Saving even small amounts of electricity and other kinds of bills evolve a ray of hope for people. These sites offer exciting cashback offers as well. Paying water, DTH, and Wi-Fi bills by logging in to these sites also save money on these payments. Some of the online platforms offering such exciting cashback and promo codes are listed as under:

  1. Paytm
    By paying electricity bills using Paytm, you can save up to Rs. 700 on every bill. For cashback offers, electricity bills of Rs. 2,000 or more is mandatory. After the successful completion of paying money, you will get discounts on the next six months’ bills as well. By using promo code “BIJLI” you can earn Rs. 75 on each bill. You have the chance of earning Rs. 70 on paying consecutive mobile bills for 7 months.

Also, cashback options are available up to Rs. 300 for recharging for other family members. Using promo code “FAMILY” helps in this matter. If you use promo code “BILLFREE” you will receive cashback in recharge of Rs. 200 every month continuing for 12 months.

  1. MobiKwik
    For getting discounts on electricity bill on MobiKwik, use the promo code “KILLBILL” for available Rs. 300 cashback. In DTH recharges also, you can get 30% super cash. In the case of gas bills, payment is 25% of super cash. It also comes with another mobile recharges and discount codes.
  2. TEZ
    TEZ has some amazing offers for all its users. This app helps in making mobile, electricity, gas, and DTH bills. With every new user comes in exciting offers. The new users can scratch up to Rs. 1,000 on their first bills. And, if they are lucky enough then they can also get cashback for the same. The scratching of cards is allowed up to 5 per month. After registering to the app, you will find awesome other scratch cards as well. All of these will turn out to be helpful for you.
  3. Freecharge
    Freecharge also comes with its promo codes. By typing in promo code “GET30”, you can avail cashback of 10% on all bill payments. The electricity bills allow cashback of Rs. 750 which is the minimum amount. Another Rs. 50 is added to cashback with promo code “SUMMER50”.

These are some ways of saving money while paying bills. There are other options as well starting by linking up your Aadhar with the bank by doing all KYC requirements.

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